Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation

Inspiring Philanthropy since 1923.

The  roll out of the SharingStories Digital Storytelling program with Koorie communities and schools in Victoria is funded by the Lord Mayor’s Charitable Foundation (Innovation Grant 2014). The program is being implemented across 2015-2016 in Heywood, Thornbury, Shepperton, Mildura and Swan Hill in collaboration with the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc (VAEAI), Local Aboriginal Education Consultative Groups (LAECG’s) and participating schools.


Navitas support makes it possible for SharingStories to produce comprehensive teacher resources to support the release of thirteen multi touch books over the next three years. These books hold animated interpretations of important cultural stories, interactive maps, photographs, video and language and have been produced by communities during SharingStories Digital Storytelling Programs across the country. The resources will map these outcomes to the ATSI Perspectives Across the Curriculum Priority Area.


Australia Council for the Arts

SharingStories Foundation is the recipient of a 2014 Australia Council for the Arts Community Partnership Program Grant which will support implementation of a synergy of digital media projects with the Nyikina Mangala, Adnyamathanha and Paakantji communities in 2015.
This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body.


The Genographic Project

The Cultural Mapping Project is working on Country in the Kimberley region to map and record the story of Woonyoomboo, an important Creation Ancestor for the Nyikina Mangala Community. This work is funded in part by The Genographic Legacy Fund, National Geographic Society.


McLean  Foundation

Have provided funding to assist in implementation of the SharingStories Language tool with the Paakantji community and professional development for local teachers and language speakers to support it’s ongoing use.


Indigenous Language Support

The development and build of the SharingStories Language Lightbox Application in collaboration with the Paakantji community has been funded by the Indigenous Language Support Program. The Application is complete is offered to all communities as part of our Digital Storytelling Workshops.

Gandel logo

Gandel Philanthropy

Gandel Philanthropy has funded the development and build of an interactive iBook template and its initial population with the story of Bunjil the Eagle. SharingStories facilitators are working in collaboration with members of the Jaara Community in Victoria who were involved in the award winning Sharing Our Stories series and print version of Bunjil.


Dusseldorp Form

Dusseldorp Forum are providing funding to support a comprehensive evaluation process across the two year Victoria Digital Storytelling Program funded by Lord Mayors Charitable Foundation Melbourne.

Australia Council India

Australia India Council

The Australia India Council is funding the installation of exhibitions and installations of work resulting from SharingStories workshops in Australia. These exhibitions are scheduled to take place in India along with digital storytelling workshops with local Indian communities. The Australia India Council initially supported implementation of SharingStories Digital Storytelling Workshops in 2009 in Uttar Pradesh.

 ian thorpes fountain for youth

Come Out Children’s Festival

Come Out Children’s Festival provided funds for a  workshop run with the Adnyamathanha people of the Northern Flinders Ranges during which community members produced an animated film about Yulu, the Kingfisher Man, an important Creation Ancestor. The film screened at the 2015 Come Out Festival.

 ian thorpes fountain for youth

Government of South Australia

Arts SA provided funds for a  workshop run with the Adnyamathanha people of the Northern Flinders Ranges during which community members produced an animated film about Yulu, the Kingfisher Man, an important Creation Ancestor. The film screened at the 2015 Come Out Festival.

 ian thorpes fountain for youth

The Ian Thorpe Fountain for Youth

Ian Thorpe Foundation for Youth provided important early funding support to SharingStories Digital Programs and additionally supported the award-winning Sharing Our Stories book series

Department Of Employmnt and Work Relations

Department of Employment and Workplace Relations

DEEWR have supported our Digital Storytelling workshops in a number of communities in Queensland, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Save The Children

Save the Children Australia (SCA)

Save the Children is working with the SharingStories Foundation in the development of digital language tools: an exciting online environment designed to support the learning and recording of Indigenous languages. This work is currently taking place with the Paakantji community in Wilcannia , NSW.

Educational Services Australia

Education Services Australia (ESA)

ESA worked with SharingStories to build the SharingStories Online Learning Environment and Teacher Resources. This platform  supports the presence of  Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island perspectives across the curriculum, and includes tailored written resources.



Funding to support inclusion of additional facilitators in order to extend the programs reach and provision of software for schools and communities with whom we work.

Gilbert and Tobin Lawyers

Gilbert and Tobin

Gilbert and Tobin greatly assisted SharingStories Foundation in setting up as a  Not for Profit organisation and continue to support  us with pro bono legal work.


Arnold Block

Arnold Bloch Leibler has been assisting SharingStories Foundation with pro bono legal work, hosting events and providing meeting rooms in support of our work.

Fuji Film


FujiFilm has been supporting SharingStories for the past six years and provides discounted cameras and equipment for use by participants in Digital Storytelling Workshops.



Energiser has been supporting SharingStories since 2010 and provides rechargeable batteries and chargers for the cameras used in our digital storytelling workshops.

Redfern Community Centre

Redfern Community Centre.

Redfern Community Centre collaborates with SharingStories Digital Storytelling Workshops to implement the program for young people in the Sydney area.

corrugated iron youth arts

Corrugated Iron Youth Arts

Corrugated Iron supported SharingStories workshops in 2013 by providing an additional and highly experienced facilitator. This collaboration ensures that facilitators working with other organisations learn new skills through working with SharingStories unique curriculum resources that support digital literacy acquisition and storytelling whilst achieving standard curriculum objectives.