Board of Directors

Cliff Coulthard

Cliff Coulthard is a Senior Adnyamathanha cultural advisor at Iga Warta Aboriginal Corporation. Cliff served for 45 years as a cultural teacher in schools across South Australia and was involved in the introduction of Aboriginal studies in the South Australian Curriculum (1980s). He also worked as an Aboriginal Heritage Ranger and was featured in ABC TV’s Six Australians. Awarded a scholarship from Monash University to study rock art and conservation in Southern France, Cliff continues to teach widely today, ensuring that all cultural interpretations are done properly by young people involved. He is actively engaged in supporting the creation of the storytellers of the future.

Tim Goodwin

Tim Goodwin is a member of the Yuin people of the South East Coast of New South Wales. Tim is currently a barrister in Melbourne. He graduated from the Australian National University with a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws with Honours in 2007 and from Harvard Law School with a Master of Laws in 2012. Tim served as Associate to Justice North of the Federal Court of Australia from 2008-09, and as Associate to Justice Bromberg from 2009-10.

Tim is a Board Member of the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission, the Australian Research Alliance for Children and Youth and the National Apology Foundation. Further, he is a Trustee of the Roberta Sykes Indigenous Education Foundation.

Annie Nayina Milgin

Annie Nayina Milgin is a senior Nyikina custodian and lives in Jarlmadangah Burru Community in Western Australia. She is an expert in bush food and medicine as well as a qualified health worker who runs the local clinic. Her work includes:

Author of Living with the Land, a book that shares important knowledge and information about bush food and medicine of the Nyikina Mangala People.
Author of Woonyoomboo in the Sharing Our Stories book series. Woonyoomboo tells of the travels of the main creation ancestor for the Nyikina Mangala people. The series was Winner of the 2010 Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing and voted Best Primary Teaching and Learning Resource.
Cultural boss for Yiriman, an Indigenous organisation that returns young people to Country with their Elders to teach them about the stories, kinship, language and songs belonging to Country to which they’re traditionally connected. It operates within the Nyikina, Mangala, Walmajarri and Karajarri language region, extending from Bidyadanga in the West Kimberley to Balgo in the south. In 2012 Annie travelled to Melbourne to receive the Indigenous Governance Award won by the Yiriman organisation.

Amanda Milledge


Amanda Milledge is a former corporate lawyer, and Pro Bono Co-ordinator Amanda graduated from the University of Melbourne. Passionate about supporting the growth and development of vital social enterprises, Amanda completed a post-graduate course in Corporate Social Investment at Swinburne University of Technology. Amanda provides strategic guidance and inspired leadership to philanthropic and community organisations. She has served for four years on the Board of the Lord Mayors’ Charitable Foundation, as Chair of the Arts and Heritage Panel and a member of its Governance and Audit and Risk Committees. Amanda has also been a director of Australian Prostate Cancer Research and President of The Penington Institute, a community organisation which rethinks how communities tackles drug use. In addition to serving as Chair of Sharing Stories Foundation and assisting with the Foundation’s scale of its work, Amanda is currently a Trustee of the Collier Charitable Fund.

Gavin Spokes

Gavin Spokes is a creative producer who has worked as a facilitator and co director of the SharingStories Digital Programs for several years. Through a formal education in Applied Science (Geology), Gavin developed his ability to analyse situations, media, people, places and stories with a uniquely methodical and pragmatic perspective. Six years ago he shifted across to the arts, entering the music industry as a festival director. Since then he’s moved through a variety of roles, blending management, producing, filmmaking and photography. Intrigued by the simplest of stories, Gavin has a strong sense of the capacity for great learning from experiential interaction. He is an avid promoter of web-based media, passionate about its ability to break down social barriers.

Liz Thompson

Liz Thompson is deeply involved in guiding the work of the foundation within Indigenous communities. A producer of media with nearly three decades experience creating stories for radio, television and print – often in collaboration with Indigenous and marginalised communities – her strong connections with Indigenous community leaders have been instrumental in establishing and determining the goals and objectives of the foundation. Her work includes:

Sharing Our Stories, a series of books born from collaboration between Liz and 14 Indigenous communities. The series won the 2009 Australian Awards for Excellence in Educational Publishing, voted the best resource produced across primary, secondary and tertiary publishing in the country.
Films, including Breaking Bows and Arrows which explored reconciliation in Bougainville after the civil war and won the United Nations Media Peace Award for Best Television, The AIBD World Award for the Promotion of Conflict Resolution and the Grand Jury Prize at the 3rd International Festival of Oceania Documentary Film.
Numerous feature length programs for ABC Radio National, online content, stories for international print media, and the publication of over 30 books.
A Phd at La Trobe University focusing on self-representational Digital media practice in a remote Indigenous context.

Strategy and Partnerships Director

Brynnie Goodwill with SharingStories Board Director Annie Nayina Milgin.

Brynnie Goodwill

Brynnie Goodwill brings to Sharing Stories a passion for supporting Indigenous communities and respect for Elders. She has devoted thirty years to integrating sustainable thinking in communities and businesses, helping them to respond to current challenges, build partnerships, connectivity and innovation.

While living in New York, Brynnie practised international corporate law at Coudert Brothers and served on the Board of the Community Services Society where she helped to establish a community empowerment program.

Migrating to Australia in 1990, Brynnie established the Cultural Diversity Program of the Conflict Resolution Network and built a consulting firm, Working Together, to support holistic thinking in business. Over the past 10 years, Brynnie has helped build innovative ideas and engage community in the shift toward sustainability, respect for the aged and engagement with Indigenous communities. She is an Al Gore Climate Project Ambassador.

Program Director

Taz working with Annie Nayina Milgin and John Darraga Watson.

Taz Miller

With degrees in Accounting and Systems Management as well as Audio Engineering, Taz has been involved in all aspects of the SharingStories Foundation’s operation, from overseeing finance to recording sound for radio documentaries, facilitating sound design in Digital Storytelling Programs to operating drones and shooting 360 degree footage for mapping projects.

As Program Director, she has co-ordinated the development of the Digital Storytelling Program framework, the Language Lightbox app, multi-touch book templates, interactive maps and display panels for exhibition. She is driven to cultivate effective collaborations with like minded organisations and support communities both on and off Country in the creation of cultural media and new digital tools which support cultural maintenance.

Advisory Council and Cultural Facilitators

Roy Wunyumbi

Roy is a senior Wagilak cultural custodian, he assists as cultural advisor on SharingStories programs in Wugularr.

Patrick Butcher

Patrick Butcher is an Umpila man, living in Lockhart River. He works as a cultural faciliator on SharingStories workshops and sits on the Foundation’s Advisory Council. “We are sand beach people because a big, long sand dune is part of our Country up at the Cape York Peninsula. Umpila Country stretches from Breakfast Creek to the outer reefs, and up to Cape Sidmouth.”

Djungadjunga Yunupingu

Djungadjunga Yunupingu is a senior cultural custodian from the Gumatj clan of North East Arnhem Land. He assists as a cultural facilitator and advisor for SharingStories work on Elcho Island.

Murray Butcher

Murray Butcher is a Paakantji man who lives in Wilcannia, he works with SharingStories as a cultural facillitator and sits on the Advisory Council. ” Paakantji means belonging to paaka, the river; we are the people that belong to the Darling River. We don’t own this land, this land owns us – our river is our soul. It’s where our ancestors grew up.”

Johnene Watson

Johnene Watson is a Nyikina Mangala woman who lives in Jarlmadangah. She sits on SharingStories Advisory Council.

Wittadong and Mervin Mulardy

Wittadong Mulardy and her son Mervin Mulardy are from the Karajarri community, they both assist as cultural advisors during SharingStories workshops and projects in Bidyadanga.

Debbie Mabbindja

Debbie Mabbindja is a Ndjebbana woman from the Djukurrdji clan living in Maningrida. She assists as cultural advisor during SharingStories workshops and programs in Maningrida.

Alistair Djalolba James

Alistair Djalolba James is a Ndjebbana man from the Djukurrdji clan and assists as cultural advisor on SharingStories workshops in and programs in Maningrida.

Annie Milgin and
John Watson

Annie Milgin and John Watson assist as Nyikina and Mangala cultural advisors on SharingStories workshops in Jarlmadangah.

Sheila Conway
and Jessie Roberts

Sheila Conway and Jessie Roberts both Mangarrayi women assist as cultural advisors on SharingStories workshops and programs in Jilkminggan.