Paakantji Community

Program Overview

Community Group/s

Paakantji Nation


2012 - onwards


Paakantji Country

Final work

Language App: Ongoing
Multi-touch Book: 2022 onwards


The Paakantji Community, led by Murray Butcher began working with SharingStories in 2012 on the development of the SharingStories Foundation Paakantji Language App. The community were pivotal in consultation and design of the audiovisual dictionary template, which is now used across several communities. Partnership with the Paakantji Language Circle has been responsible for the continued growth of the app which will soon be trialled across several schools on Paakantji Country.

In 2015, Wilcannia Central School students and Wilcannia River Radio hosts participated in a digital storytelling program resulting in a community multi-touch book relating to the creation story, Paatjuka y Punu: Moon and Gecko.

Place - Wilcannia, Menindee, Broken Hill

The community outcomes of this project include:

  • ongoing population of the Paakantji Language App
  • the release of the Paatjuka y Punu: Moon and Gecko multi-touch book