SharingStories Digital Storytelling Programs working process

SharingStories Foundation’s Digital Storytelling Program facilitates the documentation of stories, language and culture by young Indigenous people and their classmates on Country with Elders. The program brings Elders into the classroom to work with young people in their creative interpretations of the shared story.

Participants  are supported in the acquisition of multiple new skills, including storyboarding, audio recording, sound design, filming,editing, photography, animation, projection and song writing. The practice enhancing digital literacies, self-representational storytelling practices and capacity to engage in ongoing media creation that supports cultural maintenance.

The program results in the production of a community multi-touch book containing language, stunning animations, shadow puppetry, performance and sound design. These stories also function as future teaching tools and form part of important community based cultural archives.

Communities are proud of the media produced and have the opportunity to share with the broader community through publication, exhibition and festivals.  Students at SharingStories workshops have also won numerous awards at the Remote National Indigenous Media Festival, including Best Youth Video, Best Sound Recording and Best Sound Editing Awards.


For more information please contact Taz Miller, Program Director / 0408115432

Art Class Slides

During structured art classes participants create paintings and drawings they use to produce their own animations.

Program participants work with iPads, stills and film cameras and audio recorders to create digital content they use to produce short films, song recordings and music video’s, scripted slide shows and animated interpretations of the stories and themes being explored.