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How You Can Help

There are many ways you can support SharingStories work with communities, including


Direct and Monthly Giving

Gifts to support the work of SharingStories Foundation make our work possible. Direct giving and monthly donations are available through our website or by completing and returning to us the attached form. All donors are kept abreast of our activities each year by email. Information about workplace giving, corporate donations and inclusion of SharingStories in your will and estate planning is also available. All donations ($2 minimum) are tax-deductible.


Major Gifts of $1000 or more

include invitation to a special annual event with an Elder connected with our work, enabling SharingStories donors to learn more about communities with whom we are working. For those wishing to provide strategic support to the Foundation, SharingStories has established a number of different opportunities outlined below.


Donors Circle Members contributing $5000 or more in each of three consecutive years are

•  invited to an intimate gathering with one of the Elders with whom we work, and

•  have the opportunity to participate in a learning journey on Country with Elders, children and communities that their donations are supporting. A trip to Jarlmadangah, home of the Nyikina Mangala people (Kimberley) is currently being planned.


Foundation Patrons contributing $10,000 or more in each of three consecutive years 

•  enjoy the benefits of Donors Circle members,

•  receive a series of original photographic prints from the SharingStories collection, and

•  participate in an annual strategic planning session with the SharingStories Board and team.


Sharing Our Stories Patrons contribute $25,000 to sponsor the writing and publishing of a new Sharing Our Stories storybook

•  enjoy the benefits of our Foundation Patrons

•  receive a complete set of the award-winning Sharing Our Stories book series (14 books) and teacher resources with audio CD of all the stories

•  are acknowledged in the forward of the book, in references to the book, on SharingStories’ webside and have the opportunity to meet members of the community with whom SharingStories is writing the book


Ancestral Dreaming Track Sponsors contribute $50,000 to support the recording of a segment of an Ancestral Dreaming Track

•  enjoy the benefits of our Foundation Patrons and

•  are acknowledged in the recording of the segment of the Ancestral Dreaming Track and references to that segment, and have the opportunity to visit the Country and meet Elders and members of the community involved in the recording of the Ancestral Dreaming Track


if you would like to discuss your donation or for further information please contact:

Liz Thompson CEO  mobile: 0403 447 566 or

Brynnie Goodwill, Development Director, mobile: 0404 896 396

“I belong to the land, the land belongs to me. I can be healed by my land, through the songs I sing and dance and the land can be healed through the songs and ceremonies, because we are connected to one another.”  –  Yingiya Guyula, member of the SharingStories Board.

Be part of the solution. 

DOWNLOAD A FORM to become a regular donor, member, patron or sponsor.