Digital Sharing Stories Workshop Clip

SharingStories designs innovative, tailored resources and lesson plans to support the implementation of our workshops over the following weeks. These resources respond to a variety of subject areas and required outcomes across the curriculum. A significant SharingStories focus is implementation of a self-sustainable process; as such, the Professional Development we offer teachers as part of the preparatory and workshop process is an integral part of what we do.

During the workshops we work with students, teachers, community members and Elders, engaging with whichever area of the curriculum/theme is your focus, to implement the prepared unit. Our working process brings Elders into the classroom and returns the classroom to Country whilst supporting digital literacy acquisition, self representational storytelling, cultural maintenance, capacity building and fulfillment of  standard curriculum requirements. Our processes relates to a broad spectrum of learning areas including: English, Critical & Creative Thinking, Technology and Design, History, Society and Environment, Personal & Social Capability, Ethical Behaviour and Intercultural Understanding. Our approach is underpinned by an understanding that students make meaning by building on previous knowledge and connections to their own world in order to scaffold new learning. SharingStories is unique in its approach to transfer purposeful individualised curriculum to State Curriculum’s across Australia.

Workshop outcomes include a several digital media stories, the production of which enhances digital literacy acquisition for participants. These stories also function as future teaching tools and form part of important community based cultural archives.

Media produced is a source of pride for content producers and an opportunity to share creative stories with the broader community. This year students in Kalkarindji and Amanbidji were Winners of Best Youth Video, Best Sound Recording and Best Sound Editing Awards at the Remote National Indigenous Media Festival, with media they created during SharingStories workshops. Last year Wugularr students won Best Youth Video Award at the same festival  with content created during a SharingStories workshop.

Media Awards

Schools have capacity to upload selected media to our fully moderated online environment for sharing with other students across Australia. If desired by schools and students, SharingStories will enter media into relevant festivals in order to showcase student’s work. We collaborate with Indigenous Community Television (ICTV) and have established frameworks to facilitate a broader dissemination of content and support exposure of students work should that be desired. SharingStories participants have been offered mentoring and training by National lndigenous TV and The Sydney Morning Herald and been interviewed by ABC Radio. Our work builds community, both locally and nationally.

Samples of Content from Communities around Australia


During workshops students learn about audio recording, filming, photography, animation, importing, uploading, storyboarding, copyright, online representations and permissions, editing and a range of script, caption and song writing approaches. They are introduced to, and interact with a variety of media related software depending on class focus and objectives. During the course of SharingStories workshops students listen to, assimilate and interpret in their own ways, important narratives and stories relevant to their own culture and community. The culmination of each workshop is a presentation of all media produced to teachers, students, parents and community members. We provide a thorough documentation of the workshop process to participating schools as part of our deliverables and for the purposes of their own reporting process. We also conduct evaluation interviews with teachers and community members which can be made available. Participants are shown examples of digital story forms made by other students.

During the course of workshops students record interviews with significant community members and Elders on Country. Subjects are relevant to the theme or focus of the curriculum objectives for that term.

In a classroom context students reflect upon, interpret and respond to the primary interviews they have conducted and prepare written script interpretations of the information shared with them for use in the creation of several digital stories.A variety of techniques are used in the Story-boarding process, including writing, drawing and painting.

Art Class Slides

During structured art classes participants create paintings and drawings they use to produce their own animations.

Students work with iPads, stills and film cameras and audio recorders to create digital content they use to produce short films, song recordings and music video’s, scripted slide shows and animated interpretations of the stories and themes being explored.


We work with a variety of creative ways to include both Language and English words in the creative process. Schools participating in the SharingStories workshop are given access to the SharingStories Language Lightbox, a customised language tool which students populate with their own photographs and audio recordings they make with Elders. As such they become the creators of a community based, login, audio visual dictionary which is available online.

Workshops incorporate education regarding copyright and online permissions and how to source free sound (copyright free) sound samples to use with media.

Facilitators work with students using a variety of approaches to standard literacy including song writing, caption and script writing and extensive word banks relative to the digital media production and storytelling process.

Participants learn how to import, cut and export their films through iMovie and upload to the web if they wish.

Professional support is provided after the workshops completion and over the remainder of the term such that teachers are assisted in incorporating digital media production and practices into their classrooms. Sharingtories provides a kit which includes the equipment essential to an ongoing practice.

In Addition – We also work with students to produce large scale photographic installations and murals in their school and community environment.

Murals and photographic installations in Manyallaluk, Kalkarindji and Wilcannia respectively.

Sample comments from viewers of digital media stories available on the SharingStories platform.

We have collated some comments that have been received in response to stories made by workshop participants and posted on the moderated platform. They are included in an effort to provide insight into the impact of digital stories and the manner in which they contribute to a weave of rich, vibrant and multifaceted self representations quite different to those prevalent in the mainstream media.

Hi what a wonderfully inspiring song. I am going to be a teacher at the end of this year and can only hope the students I teach are as inspirational as all of you. I am sure you could all teach me much more than I can you!


I’m Tom, I’m13 years old and i am from St Aloysius College.

Hows it going?Hope that your dreams of becoming a mechanic after you leave school are fulfilled.I hope that your life takes you where you want to go.


I think you and your brother, Samson and Mike should consider coming to Sydney next year and doing some work experience with a TV station.

Contact me if you want more information

Michael Whiting


WOW! The kids stories there are amazing.. Love to connect these kids with our kids here in New Zealand!! Our project is very small, our hope for the future is to work with other communities.


Hello Gary

I think that your photos are brilliant and i believe that you should keep it up. I wouldn’t be surprised if i saw some of your work some time in the future. You have a great eye for catching good photos. Your portrayal of the people you took photos of are outstanding. You show each person’s individual characteristics.

Martin in Sydney


Hi Leela,

I am Jack and I go to St Aloysius College in Sydney. I think that this picture called Oongoorr Rock Hole is quite a beautiful one. I have never been to Jarlmadangah, but this picture makes me want to go there and see it in person. It is interesting that you can make soap out of native plant extracts. I like the idea of the community garden. I also like to grow vegtables.


Hi Kylie,

I think that your community is really great and I also like going fishing as well with my father. I have never caught a catfish though and have never swum in a billabong. I think that that your pictures are excellent. Your pictures and the stories on this website makes me feel as if I am in Jarimadangah with you.Thanks for sharing your family and culture. I think that you would make a great Chairperson for your community. Keep strong and keep smiling.

Mark Jeyaraj


Hello, my name is Michelle Crowther and I have a program on ABC Radio called Hair of the Blog, featuring different blogs. Your work here is great! I would be really interested in interviewing one of your bloggers on Sunday, over the phone. Can you please email me at

Thanks! Michelle


Hey Kylie, I am a Dharug/Dharawal woman from Georges River in Sydney south and I love fishing too.

This is FANTASTIC !!I work with Aboriginal artists in the Blue Mountains..check out – I will share all this with them …It’s wonderful to hear/see and experience all of you !!! Wonderful people !!!


Great to see what you lot can do as a team. The song is full emotion, spirit and energy, and you’ve done a great job capturing it. Camera work is brilliant. Love all the close ups of the dancers’ faces and feet.

I also got a lot out of the interview at the end. Culture, gatherings and connecting can make tough times better “like medicine”… He’s a smart man. Listen to him! 🙂

Jeff McMullen