SharingStories Publishing Program


SharingStories Publishing Program supports partner communities in the sharing and distribution of bilingual, culturally rich interactive multi-touch books which house community produced interpretations of important cultural stories.

The Nyikina book of ‘Woonyoomboo the Night Heron’ and Jaara book, ‘The Eagle, the Crow and The Bat’ are being released mid 2019 with a total of 16 books in production and scheduled for release over the next four years. Multi-touch books include bilingual functionality, a Welcome to Country, original art works, animations, soundscapes, interactive maps locating stories and songs in Country, phonetic guides and ‘Community Voices’ sharing community perspectives and insights into the story. Comprehensive Teacher Resources created with senior knowledge authorities map content to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island Cultures and Histories Priority Area and support local and national capacity to use the multi-touch books as important teaching and learning tools.

The Eagle, The Crow and The Bat


The Eagle, The Crow and The Bat is a story shared by Senior Cultural Custodians of the Jaara community in Victoria, Australia. A rich cultural story, it teaches of Jaara totems, how the Crow discovered fire and why his feathers are black today, why Eagle is Lord of the Highlands and Crow protects the lowlands and how the Bat is seen as a peace keeper.


Woonyoomboo the Night Heron


Woonyoomboo The Night Heron is a story shared by Senior Cultural Custodians of the Nyikina community in the Kimberley region, Western Australia. A rich cultural story, it teaches of the journey of Woonyoomboo, a major Creation Ancestor for the Nyikina people. On his travels Woonyoomboo named and created all things for the Nyikina including the mighty Fitzroy River, leaving songs, stories and law at important and sacred sites.

Focus Area 3 PDF
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‘Pelican and Brolga’ animation sample from the Woonyoomboo multi-touch book produced by the Jarlmadangah Community and SharingStories Foundation.