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Teacher resources and Sharing our Stories print books represent work produced by partner communities with Liz Thompson prior to the establishment of the SharingStories Foundation. These resources are shared here as they remain relevant to the work undertaken by SSF and partner communities today.

Through three modules available here you may access a rich collection of digital resources: video footage, photographs, audio and teacher support material. All relate to overarching themes of Community, Culture and Country. Each module includes a brief introduction in which Elders and community members, involved in the production of the work, share some thoughts in relation to these themes or ideas.

SharingStories has run workshops with Indigenous young people in remote communities, for many years. In these workshops, we support participants as they create and produce their own digital media stories about their lives and experiences. Together with those communities, we chose these materials as a basis for lessons designed to support the inclusion of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultural and historical perspectives across the curriculum.

“The children are learning both ways, they are trying to express from their own heritage, from their own culture, from their own land, their stories and trying to make a bridge between themselves and other communities with technology. Through that technology, they are sharing and telling who they are.”

Djungadjunga Yunpuingu is a Dalkarramirri (ceremonial ritual specialist) of Yirritja clan groups and SharingStories’ cultural advisor.

In addition, material shared here is part of the Sharing Our Stories book series created as a result of a collaboration between 16 Indigenous communities across Australia, and author and photographer Liz Thompson. Additional interviews and photographs are part of ongoing cultural maintenance work undertaken by SharingStories Foundation in partnership with senior cultural custodians around the country.


SharingStories Teacher Resources have been mapped to the Australian Curriculum. The metadata written to support teachers in their use of these resources has been prepared and made available through our collaboration with Education Services Australia.

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