Students from Swan Hill Primary learning the story of how the Murray River came into being with KESO Andrew Cameron.

Students from Swan Hill Primary at the Giant Murray Cod on the banks of the Murray River.

Learning to use audio recording equipment and create sounds that will accompany animated interpretations of the stories shared and learnt.

Students creating visual interpretations of the story they have learnt from cultural custodian Ron Murray and KESO Andrew Cameron.

After storyboarding the story of Pondi, the Giant Murray Cod, students at Swan Hill Primary school created art works to be used in the animation process.

Working with stop animation practices to tell the story of Pondi at Swan Hill.

SharingStories facilitator Mark Hill teaching participants body movement techniques to be incorporated as shadow work in the animation process.

Animating the story of Pondi, the Giant Murray Cod and the creation of the Murray River.

Three versions of the Thalta story sculpted into rock by Paakantji cultural custodian and artists Badger Bates.

Mildura Primary School program participants with KESO Ivan Johnson and SharingStories facilitators.

Students were welcomed to Country at Lake Mungo by Paakantji Elders and cultural custodians.

After storyboarding the story of Thalta, students commenced creating art work for animation in a series of visual art classes.

” We are excited to have the opportunity to partner with SharingStories to support the roll out of the Victorian Koorie students, schools and communities. As the peak advisory body to the Victorian State Government on all issues relating to Indigenous education and training, it is VAEAI’s position that digital education tools occupy an important and highly relevant space within the education sector, especially for young Koorie people whom research has shown are a highly ‘technically savvy’ cohort. The program approach and implementation will also lend significant and important support to our own efforts to create Cultural Hubs and Centres for Cultural Learning in Key communities across the state.

The VAEAI are keen to support a program that will see the production of important Koorie stories… These stories will help hold our precious cultural heritage and languages for the future and make an important contribution to the capacity of all Australians to learn about Koorie culture and history. The VAEAI has identiifed the valuing and incorporation of culture within the educational space and curriculum as a critical priority area and the SharingStories  program makes a major contribution to the realisation of that outcome.

Lionel Bamblett. General Manager, Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Inc (VAEAI)