Our board - SharingStories Foundation

Our Board

Tim Goodwin

Amanda Milledge OAM

Daniel Browning

Dr Caroline Aebersold

Annie Nayina Milgin

Gina Milgate

Rhea Dhillon

Dr Liz Thompson

Our Team

Taz Miller

Sharon Williams

Brooke Small

Sheree Jacobs

Jennifer Milgin

Dr Liz Thompson

Paula Delage Faria

Madhu Narayan

Van Sowerwine

Isobel Knowles

Our Facilitators

Fleur Elise Noble

Emily Johnson

Glen Maw

Nathan May

Liam Gerner

Cliff Coulthard

Rick Nelson

Timmy Church

Kate Matthews

Ron Murray

Shirley Drill

Kobe Atkinson

Kevin Atkinson

The Three Tribal Groups

Annie Nayina Milgin

Peter Murrkiltja Guyula

Davis Muwarra Marrawuŋgu

Previous Facilitators

We'd like to acknowledge all those facilitators who have worked with us over the years and the amazing contribution they have made.

Conor Fox (Animator), Jane Hole (Sound Facilitator), Missi Mel Pesa (Sound Facilitator), Linday Cox (Animator), Jonathon Daw (Animator) , Mark Hill (Creative Director and Artwork and Performance Facilitator), Gregg Brown (Animator), Sean Ryan (Sound Facilitator) and Krista Scott (Education Facilitator).

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