SharingStories Foundation

We work with First Nations communities to protect, maintain and grow languages, stories and cultural heritage

Our History

Since 2012, we have worked with communities across Australia and utilised art, new media and vibrant technologies to support the recording, interpretation and sharing of cultural knowledge.


“We just did a Dreamtime story.
We brought it back into reality and then it’s in your heart.”

Lesley Coulthard, Adnyamathanha Cultural Custodian and Program Participant

Our Programs

We deliver community driven media arts initiatives that build capacity for cultural continuity and production.


We help build a ‘knowledge bridge’, giving students and educators the ability to ‘listen directly to communities themselves’, sharing rich ancestral stories and cultural knowledge.


We support distribution of community cultural outcomes, so all Australians can learn about our rich First Nations culture and people.


Koorie Culture Map

Koorie Culture Map is an interactive map experience produced by SharingStories in partnership with Koorie Communities and youth from local primary schools. The Koorie Culture Map is a collaboration between Koorie Communities, Koorie Heritage Trust and SharingStories Foundation. The map is a collection of creation story animations and videos of culturally significant sites originally from …

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Same Like Yesterday

We would like to acknowledge the Adnyamathanha community and their work on the Same Like Yesterday project.  In 2014, the Adnyamathanha community sought support from the SharingStories Foundation to record and creatively interpret a traditional story relating to female ancestors and the creation of Adnyamathanha Country.  In 2019, the resulting work Same Like Yesterday will …

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Wynston travels to Europe

We would like to acknowledge Wynston Shovellor-Sesar, for his recent role in the repatriation of his family members back to Western Australia. In 2010, Wynston created an important digital story about his people, the Karajarri people in the Kimberley region of Western Australia as part of a SharingStories program. He has recently returned from the …

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