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SharingStories Language App


“Languages are both an expression of culture and the vehicle through which culture is kept alive”

Indigenous Language Support

SharingStories Language App

The SharingStories Language App is an iOS application initially created and built with the Paakantji Community to provide a community-designed solution to record and hold language.

The App records language as words, text and images, that result in community produced interactive audiovisual dictionaries.

The App stimulates intergenerational transmission outcomes of language on Country and in community as young people record language words and pictures.

Communities can tailor the Langauge App to meet their community goals and needs.


“We worked with SharingStories who have the technological skills to help us bring our language back from the brink, so we can proudly walk around as the Paakantji people of the Darling River."

Murray Butcher – Paakantji Custodian and Language Authority.

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