Boorp Boorp Boondyil Anniversary

Watch the promo video here.

As we are coming up to Boorp Boorp Boondyil’s first anniversary, we are thrilled to announce that the Jaara exhibition,  recently won two prestigious awards. The exhibition was Winner of  the Indigenous Recognition category for the National Awards for Local Government. This award highlights how emerging initiatives can positively impact local communities, display excellence and  provide exciting models or templates for other communities nationally. In addition,  Boorp Boorp Boondyil – Passing Knowledge to Our Children  was the inaugural winner of the 2023 Maggollee Awards, an initiative of Reconciliation Victoria.   

Boorp Boorp Boondyil, funded by the Indigenous Languages and Arts program, provides an inspiring, immersive and celebratory experience of living Jaara language, culture and community life. It forms a vibrant cultural hub and a dynamic learning space for visitors, supporting learning about local Jaara cultural heritage. Children from schools across the region and visitors have learned more about Jaara culture, language and stories through a weave of ancient and contemporary technologies.

Uncle Rick Nelson, Jaara Senior Custodian who led the project, shared his thoughts on the awards,  “Boorp Boorp Boondyil has been a highlight of my later years.  In my role as the eldest son taking on Dad’s project after he passed, to finish it and get it to such high acclaim and feedback from the community and read the comments book – Dad will be sitting up there with the biggest smile on his face!”.   

Visitor and community feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, a visitor book on site is filled with wonderful comments,  “Such a stunning display. So well put together and extremely important. Really well done to everyone involved… especially the young children who are going to keep passing on the learnings for the future.”  

“It was a privilege for SharingStories Foundation to help bring this work to life’  said Liz Thompson, the organisations Creative Director  who worked with Senior Custodians and community on the exhibition and story for over ten years, explained,. “It was an honour to work alongside Uncle Rick and, before him, his father, Uncle Brien Nelson, and we are thrilled the exhibition has been so well received. This vibrant, interactive cultural space in the heart of the Castlemaine community is a testament to the cultural leadership and immense generosity of Uncle Rick Nelson and the Nelson family and to all the community participants who created this exciting and immersive cultural space.”

Visit Boorp Boorp Boondyil at Castlemaine Historic Market Building, 44 Mostyn Street, Castlemaine, Victoria, 3450. Open 9am – 5pm every day of the year (except Christmas day).