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2022-2032 International Decade of Indigenous Languages


Language is Culture. Language is central to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander cultures, demonstrating diversity in how it is expressed, learnt and practised across the Nation. With UNESCO declaring the next ten years as the Decade of Indigenous Languages, this year provides a significant platform to acknowledge and support the ongoing revitalisation and continuity of …

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Liz Thompson Wins Pro Bono Australia’s Innovator Award


After decades, supporting First Nations communities in the recording and sharing of cultural knowledge and stories, Liz Thompson has been awarded the Judges Award for Innovator in the 2021 Pro Bono Impact Awards. The award is a testament to the hard work and dedication over many years. Liz began working with Indigenous communities in 1992 …

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Koorie Culture Map


Koorie Culture Map is an interactive map experience produced by SharingStories in partnership with Koorie Communities and youth from local primary schools. The Koorie Culture Map is a collaboration between Koorie Communities, Koorie Heritage Trust and SharingStories Foundation. The map is a collection of creation story animations and videos of culturally significant sites originally from …

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Same Like Yesterday


We would like to acknowledge the Adnyamathanha community and their work on the Same Like Yesterday project.  In 2014, the Adnyamathanha community sought support from the SharingStories Foundation to record and creatively interpret a traditional story relating to female ancestors and the creation of Adnyamathanha Country.  In 2019, the resulting work Same Like Yesterday will …

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Wynston travels to Europe


We would like to acknowledge Wynston Shovellor-Sesar, for his recent role in the repatriation of his family members back to Western Australia. In 2010, Wynston created an important digital story about his people, the Karajarri people in the Kimberley region of Western Australia as part of a SharingStories program. He has recently returned from the …

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Welcome Jennifer Milgin


As Elders pass away, many take with them the language and the precious knowledge of their country and culture that teaches younger generations how to live in a sustainable relationship with respect to the earth and each other. This week at SharingStories Jennifer Milgin started as the new Nyikina Language Worker, learning from her Grandmother, …

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Annie Nayina Milgin is inducted into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame


We would like to congratulate Annie Nayina Milgin for her induction into the WA Women’s Hall of fame! Annie is a senior Nyikina woman and has served as a SharingStories board member since we began. Annie lives in the Jarlmadangah Burru Community in Western Kimberley and has recently retired from her role in managing the …

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Bunjil the Eagle iBook


This week we began our Victoria program in beautiful Jaara Country, facilitating workshops in Castlemaine and Bendigo. We felt an extremely warm welcome to this beautiful part of the world, thanks to our Dja Dja Wurrung host, Elder Rick Nelson, the St. Peter’s Primary and Meeting Place staff from Nalderun Community Organisation, volunteers and students. …

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A Song for Country


Hi all. Sorry we haven’t posted in a little while, we have been preparing for the opening of A Song For Country. This exhibition of photographs by SharingStories Foundation Director Liz Thompson and cultural information sharing by Ṉäkarrma Mark Guyula celebrates cultural richness and diversity and offers insight into Indigenous connection to Country and Culture. …

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