Adnyamathanha Community

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Adnyamathanha Nation


2012 - current


Adnyamathanha Country

Final work

Yulu The Kingfisher Man Multi-touch book: 2022

Same Like Yesterday Multi-touch book: 2022

Teacher Resources: 2022

Same Like Yesterday Installation May 2019 - December: 2022

Northern Flinders Ranges Country in South Australia belongs to the Adnyamathanha people. Adnyamathanha is our nation. Adnya is ‘rock’ and mathanha is ‘people’, so the Adnyamathanha people of the Flinders Ranges are the people of the rocks. Our spirit actually goes back to be part of the rock or the earth. All these rocks and ranges have the spirit of our people in them. The spirit of our people is embedded in this Country”.

Senior Cultural Custodian, Terrence Coulthard

The Adnyamathanha Community have worked with SharingStories since 2012 in a collaborative process which has resulted in a rich, bilingual animated interpretation of the story of Yulu the Kingfisher Man, a story held and cared for by men. The foundation has also worked with the Adnyamathanha Community and curated stories cared for by women. A large-scale immersive installation of Same Like Yesterday, Virkuthalypila and Other Stories from Our Country, was first launched in 2019, at the DreamBIG festival in Adelaide.

Over the next two years, the Adnyamathanha Community are:

  • releasing the multi-touch book of the Yulu the Kingfisher Man creation story
  • releasing a multi-touch book interpretation of Same Like Yesterday - Virlkuthalypila and other stories from our Country
  • installing a three dimensional projected work of Same Like Yesterday - Virlkuthalypila and Other Stories from Our Country, at the Riverside Theatre in Parramatta
  • producing educational resources to support the teaching of First Nations perspectives

Community Members

Yulu the Kingfisher Man: Cliff Coulthard and Noel Wilton (Storytellers), Terrence Coulthard and Mick Coulthard (Language Workers) and Arthur Brady (Mentee).

Same Like Yesterday Virlkuthalypila and Other Stories from Our Country: Gladys Wilton (Artist and Storyteller), Linda Coulthard (Artist and Storyteller), Judy Johnson (Artist and Storyteller), Yvonne Brady (Artist and Storyteller), Sophia Wilton (Artist and Storyteller), Lesley Coulthard (Artist and Storyteller), Donna Coulthard (Artist and Storyteller), Veronica Coulthard (Artist and Storyteller), Teresa Brady (Artist and Storyteller), Shaunaya Brady (Artist and Storyteller), Cliff Coulthard (Artist and Storyteller) and Rhonda Gepp (Artist and Storyteller).

Delivery partners:

Delivery Partners - Arkaroola
Delivery Partners - Dream Big
Delivery Partners - Outback Communities Authority
Delivery Partners - Tandanya
Delivery Partners - Mobile Language Team