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Ḻiya-Dhälinymirr Nation


2014 onwards


Ḻiya-Dhälinymirr Country

Final work

Mukarr Djambatj: Giant Green Sea Turtle Hunters
Multi-touch Book: 2024
Animation: 2024
Jajoo Warrngara: 2024
Broadcast: 2024-2025

In 2014, SharingStories Foundation were invited to travel along the Mukarr Djämbatj (Giant Green Sea Turtle Hunters) song cycle with Märpuru School and Ḻiya-Dhälinymirr Custodians. The journey across north-east Arnhem Land from Baday Paday near the Mitchell Ranges across the Wessel Islands followed the destiny and the connections of the ancestors. Since this epic learning journey, Senior Songman Peter Murrkiltja Guyula and supporting songmen and women from Guthara (Granddaughter) clan have led multiple programs with over 50 community members creating incredible paintings, shadow dance, animation and song cycle interpretation. The Mukarr Djämbatj multi-touch book will be the first of its kind to explore multiple experiences and uses of a song cycle. Custodians have worked hard to ensure knowledge will be held with great detail and beauty for future generations to always be able to know how they are connected to culture.

Over the next two years the Ḻiya-Dhälinymirr community are:

  • releasing Mukarr Djambatj: Giant Green Sea Turtle Hunters multi-touch book and teacher resources
  • releasing the Mukarr Djambatj: Giant Green Sea Turtle Hunters animation
  • producing educational resources for Jajoo Warrngara : The Cultural Classroom to support teachers embed First Nations perspectives across the curriculum.
  • beginning the broadcast - Mukarr Djambatj: Giant Green Sea Turtle Hunters radio program

This story belongs to and is being lead by the Ḻiya-Wölmamirr and Maraŋaturrmirr Djämarrpuyŋu. Project initiated by Näkarrma Mark Guyula (Senior Custodian). Peter Murrkiltja Guyula (Senior Songman/Custodian) and supported by Davis Muwarra Marrawuŋgu of the Gutharra (Granddaughter) clan.

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