The Three Traditional Tribal Groups - Barkandji, Mutthi Mutthi and Ngiyampaa Communities

Program Overview

Community Group/s

Aboriginal Advisory Group for the Willandra Lakes Region World Heritage Area, Barkandji Muthi Muthii and Ngiyampaa people


2015 - current


Lake Mungo Region

Final work and release dates

Mentoring Program: 2019 onwards
Leave It There For The Next Little Fellas
Multi-touch Book: 2024
Jajoo Warrngara:2023
Mungo Stories: Walk Together App: 2024

SharingStories began working with the Barkandji, Mutthi Mutthi and Ngiyampaa  people of the Lake Mungo region in 2015. Projects have developed together to support community objectives, protecting cultural heritage sites and supporting connection to Country.

In 2015-2016, SharingStories facilitated sharing and learning between Elders from the three tribal groups and Mildura Primary School students. The collaboration produced wonderful creative interpretations of the knowledge shared. With programs taking place over many years, the community has produced an array of outcomes to share with the public.

Over the next year, the Three Traditional Tribal Groups are:

  • involved in the SharingStories mentoring program which builds young language speakers and media makers
  • releasing a multi-touch book, Leave It There for the Next Little Fellas along with educational resources
  • launch the Mungo Stories: Walk Together App, which will support the protection of sacred sites and respectful tourism where visitors can engage in deeper stories of Mungo
  • producing educational resources for Jajoo Warrngara: The Cultural Classroom to support teachers in embedding First Nations perspectives across the curriculum.

Delivery partners:

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Delivery Partners - Mungo Youth
Delivery Partners - Willandra