Wamba Wamba Community

Program Overview

Community Group/s

Wamba Wamba Nation


2016 - onwards


Wamba Wamba Country

Final work

Koorie Culture Map: 2020
Pondi and Muyi: The Wamba Wamba storybook
Multi-touch Book: 2024
Animation: 2024
Animation: 2024
Jajoo Warrngara: 2022

The Wamba Wamba people have worked with SharingStories Foundation since 2016. Projects were developed to support community goals, and have produced media enriched cultural content and supported the utilisation of language and culture in the classroom.

In 2016-2019, SharingStories facilitated sharing and learning through multiple digital storytelling workshops between cultural custodians from the Wamba Wamba Community with Swan Hill and Swan Hill North Primary School students who produced wonderful creative interpretations of the knowledge shared.

Since 2020, the Wamba Wamba community has:

Over the next two years, the Wamba Wamba are :

  • releasing a multi-touch book Pondi and Muyi: The Wamba Wamba storybook
  • releasing the Pondi animation narrated in Wamba Wamba
  • releasing the Muyi-Mir animation narrated in Wamba Wamba

Community Members

Uncle Ron Murray (Senior Custodian/ Storyteller), Aunty Stephanie Charles (Senior Custodian) and Sandra Kropinyeri (Cultural Custodian/ Education).

Delivery partners:

Delivery Partners - Swan Hill Primary School
Delivery Partners - VACL
Delivery Partners - Vaeai