Yuin Community

Program Overview

Community Group/s

Dhurga, Djiringandj and Dhawa language groups on Yuin Country


2022 - onwards


Yuin Country


Digital Keeping Place
Digital Storytelling Program
Mentorship Program
Online Dictionaries x 3



Guluga and Biamanga Boards of Management

In 2022, SharingStories Foundation made presentations to the Guluga and Biamanga Boards of Management in NSW and was invited into the community to partner on a new project. Throughout 2022-2023, Consultations with 10 family groups in the South Eastern region of NSW, between Eden and Batemans Bay led to the creation of the Digital Keeping Place Project.

Funded through the NIAA, the Project promotes ongoing partnership and consultation with the Yuin community and supports reaffirmation and intergenerational transmission of cultural knowledge. The 10 family representatives have established a Project Working Group that will direct the project and advise on the collation, recording, and curation of cultural content into a Digital Keeping Place.

The project includes a mentorship program for 3 young people, the production of 20 short films, and the development of three online language dictionaries for the Dhurga, Djiringandj and Dhawa language groups. Content will be curated by the Project Working Group into a beautifully designed and engaging Digital Keeping Place that will be launched with the community at the end of the project.

Over the next year the Yuin community will be:

  • Developing the design for the Digital Keeping Place (DKP)
  • Collating content for the DKP
  • Undertaking site visits and recording cultural stories for the DKP
  • Designing a mentorship program to run throughout 2025
  • Planning the development of three language dictionaries to run throughout 2025

Current Project Working Group Members
Bunja Smith, Trish Ellis, BJ Cruse, Vivienne Mason, Warren Foster, Lynne Thomas, Lorraine Naylor, Cheryl Davison and Gary Campbell.