Gija Develops Community Controlled Language App

Gija Elders have determined all the ways for Gija people to make and use a new Language App with SharingStories! This week, Dolorosa Carrington, Bessie Daylight, Mark Nodea and Nancy Nodea are adding the first entries of Gija alphabet sounds into the App. The new dictionary will be community owned and controlled and will initially support the learning and teaching of language at the Purnululu school and the Warmun Arts Centre. We also welcome Dolorosa Carrington to the SharingStories team. Dolorosa has commenced in her new role as the Gija Language Worker, supporting the development of language resources for the community. SharingStories is thrilled to support this work maintaining language and culture across communities. A big thank you to The Indigenous Languages and Arts program for their support in making this happen.