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This Song is from Ever Since: Songs for Wägilak Country – produced for ABC Radio National

Roy Ashley Waṉapuyŋu is a late senior Elder of the Wägilak clan of NE Arnhem Land. In late 2010 Liz Thompson and Simon Green travelled...
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The Story of Woonyoomboo

Storyteller: Senior Nyikina Cultural Custodian, Annie Nayina Milgin In this program, we’re privileged to be travelling through the West Kimberley region with senior knowledge holder...
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Yurlu’s Coal – part two – ABC Radio

In the second part of this series we will hear about how Wilpena Pound came into being from an Adnyamathanha perspective.
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Yurlu’s Coal – part one – ABC Radio

In the first of this two part series, we will move through Country with Senior Cultural Custodians learning about important features of the landscape.
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