Wynston travels to Europe

We would like to acknowledge Wynston Shovellor-Sesar, for his recent role in the repatriation of his family members back to Western Australia. In 2010, Wynston created an important digital story about his people, the Karajarri people in the Kimberley region of Western Australia as part of a SharingStories program. He has recently returned from the UK and Germany where he was part of the repatriation process and ceremonies so family members could be returned home to Western Australia.

“It was very special to be part of the handover process, following cultural protocols and working with the Noongar people to welcome the remains home to Perth, Western Australia. We are also looking forward to the next stage when we can return these remains home to country, next year.”

Wynston also noted, the next step for community is to continue to build relationships with institutions across the world in places like Scotland, US and UK to continue the repatriation of family and artefacts. We are proud of Wynston and the incredibly important cultural work he is doing. We will keep you posted about when the work will feature on the ABC.