Yulu’s Coal Radio Documentary

In November 2013, SharingStories director Liz Thompson returned to Adnyamathanha Country with Taz Miller and Gavin Spokes, working with senior Cultural Custodian Cliff Coulthard and other senior Custodians to document more of Yulu the Kingfisher Man’s journey, for ABC Radio National. Guided by Cliff, we traversed Adnyamthanha Country for two weeks, meeting Elders who shared their knowledge of Yulu, one of the Adnyamathanha communities main Creation Ancestors. As our time together unfolded, so did the complexity and importance of this story, revealing themes of law, ceremony, moieties, and a vital connection with science and natural resources.

Yulu’s Coal will be broadcast over 2 x 1hour programs on ABC Radio National’s Earshot. Tune in on Monday January 26 at 11:05am for Part One.