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Kayap Kiling: The First Waterholes

Available in 2024

Kayap Kiling: The First Waterholes is a creation story shared by the Gunditjmara people. The creation story belonging to all Gunditjmara people explains how the landscape was transformed over a period of time, creating what we now know as the Western Districts of Victoria. You can still observe this story in the landscape, in all of its formations and in the actions of the animals today. The First Waterholes is a community production. In this version, Gunditjmara Custodian, Uncle Daryl Rose guided the students of Heywood and District Secondary College to artistically interpret the characters and the narrative for a broader audience to experience. Collectively, through their work the students have embodied the morals that Gunditjmara people hold of sharing and respecting communal resources. The story proudly told in Gunditjmara touches on these values and shares a vibrant interpretation through an interactive experience.

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