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Dunggula: The Murray River

Release Date: December 2020

Dunggula tells the Bangerang creation story of the Murray River. The story takes place in the Goulburn Valley region of modern-day Northern Victoria. Dunggula: The Murray River tells of how the landscapes we know today were transformed and created through a journey of magical events covering 2500kms of ground and passing through many traditional boundaries.

A long time ago, a wise old lady named Gunyuk consulted with the powerful creator being Biami, and upon his advice travelled a great distance to bring water to the land and her people. Dunggula: The Murray River creation story was originally shared with us by Senior Cultural Custodian, Uncle Sandy Atkinson, who sadly passed before the completion of the story's production. The extended family and the Bangerang Community continued the work he began and throughout 2015-16, completed digital storytelling programs with St Georges Rd Primary School. In 2018-19, the community translated the story into language and for the first time in generations, Dunggula: The Murray River creation story can be heard in Bangerang.

This book is available online on all devices:


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This Stories from Country multi-touch book is bilingual and available in two options;
Bangerang language first with the option to switch to English, or English language first with
the option to switch to Bangerang.

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