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Gandjaḻaḻa the Sugarbag Hunter

Shared by the late Mr Roy Ashley Waṉapuyŋu who came from the clan of the Wägilak people, he was a senior Waṉapuyŋu Dhukuyuna leader, the leading man looking after all the songs, ceremonies and history regarding the Wägilak people of the Dhuwa Dhurili clans. He shared the story of Gandjaḻaḻa, a Wägilak Creation Ancestor who started his journey from Ŋilipitji. As he travelled through Country he created important features in the landscape, leaving law, language, ceremonies and vast libraries of knowledge in an epic song cycle - a map for living for the Wägilak people. He brought all into being for the Wägilak and other clans from the Dhuwa moiety associated with the Sugarbag Dreaming.

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